Aurora Luz Godoy


Ohana, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

Color: Purple

Aurora loved all colors. She was the type of person in school that took notes and would write things in different colors. She would always make lists and use different color pens to separate things. If you ask her friends, they would say her favorite color was teal. She even had her bridesmaids wear teal for her wedding. We chose purple for Aurora because one day I was taking Xander to the cemetery to take his mommy flowers. I let him pick out the flowers and he chose flowers with purple. He said that was his mommy’s favorite color. The meaning of the color purple: imagination; she definitely had a great imagination.  They encourage and uplift others; she was always one to have the perfect words and said great things about those she cared about and loved.  They are creative, compassionate, and emotional; she was always crafty and made things that showed her creative side. She was compassionate when it came to those she was close to. She was also very emotional at times.


We chose Ohana, no one gets left behind or forgotten. This phase was chosen because Aurora loved Disney. It was one of the many things we did as a great big family. We all had Disney passes and would go once or maybe twice a week in the evenings and just walk around, maybe get on a ride or two or just go for the Ghirardelli ice cream or just to walk through and get a free sample of their chocolate squares. What better quote than Ohana. Family meant everything to Aurora. She spent most of her time with her in-laws and she treated us all like her blood family. We as a family wanted something meaningful. She will never be left behind or forgotten.

There are so many great things I could share about Aurora. She didn’t like silence. She was always talking or made sure there was music blaring. She loved Karaoke, we called them Caraoke rides because this was usually done on drives especially after picking up her nephews from school. She loved to try new food places and especially dessert places. She would always spontaneously say, lets go get dessert. It would be late at night and she would find these dessert places that would be open but none of them were ever close by. We would sometimes drive 45 minutes to an hour for fancy donuts at midnight. 


Departed Friends